VICTORIAS, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL – Church Of St. Joseph The Worker

VICTORIAS, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL - Church Of St. Joseph The Worker

A visit to the province of Negros Occidental outright draws you to Bacolod City.  I personally like Bacolod for the cuisine, heritage houses and the friendly folks.  If you have time to spare, another interesting place to go to within its vicinity is Victorias City.  It is where you find the biggest sugar refinery in the Philippines and an equally interesting church.


Victorias City is located some 30 kilometers north or about 1 hour travel by road.  When you get there, the most conspicuous structure with be the site of the Victorias Milling Company whose property spans about 7000 hectares.  And within its perimeter you can find the Church of St. Joseph The Worker.  The church is famous as the home of the mural of ‘The Angry Christ’.  The mural has been featured in many publications inlcuding Life Magazine.


The church was built In 1948.  It’s place sitting quietly within the sugar refinery compound surely provides solace to the workers and residents there.  The mural of “The Angry Christ” was done by Alfonso Ossorio.  It is painted in psychedelic colors and uniquely depicts Filipino Liturgical Arts.  The images are of Filipinized saints in native costumes surrounding the angry Christ on judgement day.  This is something you cannot find anywhere else in the country and something really worth going out of the way for to see.


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